OpenAccess Policy


Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine is committed to the principle of Open Access (OA), which makes scholarly research freely available online to the global community. We believe that open access accelerates scientific progress by:

  • Increasing access to research: Removing subscription barriers allows researchers, educators, and the public to access and build upon published knowledge.
  • Enhancing discoverability: Open access publications are more likely to be indexed by search engines and other discovery tools, leading to wider dissemination and impact.
  • Fostering collaboration: Open access facilitates collaboration among researchers worldwide by making research readily available.

Scope of Open Access

This policy applies to all articles published in Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine offers two publication options:

  • Gold Open Access: Articles are published immediately upon acceptance and made freely available under a Creative Commons (CC) license. Authors will be charged an Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the costs of publication. The specific CC license used will be clearly stated on the journal website.
  • Green Open Access: Authors retain the right to deposit their accepted manuscripts (post-print) in an institutional or disciplinary repository after an embargo period. The embargo period may vary depending on the article type and any funder requirements.

Author Rights and Licensing

For Gold Open Access articles, authors will retain copyright to their work but grant Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine a license to publish under the chosen Creative Commons (CC) license. This typically allows for non-commercial reuse of the article with proper attribution.

Funding for APCs

Authors are encouraged to seek funding for APCs from their research institutions, funding agencies, or other sources. We may offer limited waivers or discounts for APCs in cases of financial hardship.

Benefits of Publishing Open Access

Authors who choose to publish Open Access in Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine will benefit from:

  • Increased readership and citation potential: Open access articles are more likely to be read and cited by a wider audience.
  • Faster dissemination of research findings: Articles are published immediately upon acceptance, accelerating the research cycle.
  • Compliance with funder mandates: Many research funders now require open access publication of research outputs.

Responsibilities of Authors

Authors publishing Open Access in Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine are responsible for:

  • Disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Complying with the journal's ethical guidelines.
  • Ensuring their article adheres to the formatting and submission requirements.
  • Covering any applicable Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Archiving and Preservation

Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine is committed to the long-term preservation of all published articles. We partner with a reputable digital archiving service to ensure the ongoing accessibility of our content.

Further Information

For more information on our Open Access policy, please refer to the following resources:

  • Journal Website: Open Access Information Page
  • Author Guidelines
  • Creative Commons Licenses Information

We encourage authors to contact our editorial office at with any questions about our Open Access policy.

Last Updated on 04/03/2024