Ensuring Scholarly Legacy: Our Commitment to Digital Archiving with Portico

This journal is dedicated to safeguarding the long-term accessibility and usability of the valuable research it publishes. To achieve this, we have partnered with Portico, a leading non-profit organisation specialising in the digital preservation of scholarly content.

Portico: A Trusted Partner for Long-Term Access

Portico acts as a secure digital archive for e-journals like ours, alongside e-books and other digital collections.Through collaboration with libraries and publishers, Portico ensures the enduring availability of scholarly work for future researchers and students Organisation Website: Portico Our Work Services.

Benefits of Portico Archiving

  • Guarding Against Threats: Depositing our content with Portico protects it from potential risks like publisher closures, website malfunctions, or even the obsolescence of file formats. Portico utilises long-term preservation strategies to guarantee the continual usability of the research we publish.
  • Uninterrupted Access: Even if our website were to become unavailable, researchers would still be able to access our archived content through Portico's secure repository. This ensures the continued discoverability and retrieval of the valuable scholarly work published in our journal.
  • Strength in Community: Portico's commitment to long-term preservation is bolstered by its community-supported model. This model fosters collaboration between publishers, libraries, and scholars, ensuring the enduring accessibility of scholarly knowledge.

Our Archiving Process with Portico

We follow a meticulous process to deposit and maintain our published content within Portico's archive. While the specifics might not be readily available here, we encourage you to explore our website's "About Us" or "Author Guidelines" section for more details.

Beyond Portico: Additional Preservation Efforts

In addition to our partnership with Portico, we might also implement supplementary preservation measures. These could include:

  • Author Self-Archiving: Some authors might choose to deposit their published articles in personal or institutional repositories, further enhancing discoverability.
  • Website Archiving: We might collaborate with third-party services to archive our website itself, offering an additional layer of preservation for supplementary content.

For a more comprehensive understanding of our digital archiving and preservation policies, we recommend visiting our website or contacting our editorial team directly. They'll be happy to address any questions you may have.

Investing in the Future of Research

Our commitment to digital archiving with Portico reflects our dedication to the enduring value of scholarly research. By ensuring the long-term accessibility of published knowledge, we contribute to the advancement of research and empower future generations of scholars.

Last Updated on 09/07/2024