Open Citation Policy

Open Citation Data Policy of Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine


Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine is committed to the principles of Open Science and transparent research communication. In line with this commitment, we endorse the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) and its recommendations for open citation data. This policy outlines our approach to making citation data for articles published in Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine are freely available and reusable.

Following I4OC Principles

We adhere to the following I4OC principles for open citation data:

  • Structured: Citation data for all published articles will be made available in a machine-readable format(s) such as BibTeX, JSON, or XML (Work in progress). This allows for automated analysis and broader utilization by researchers and developers.
  • Separable: Citation information for each reference will be accessible and retrievable independently, without requiring access to the full-text article. This facilitates the study of citation networks and relationships.
  • Open: Citation data will be freely accessible and reusable without copyright or licensing restrictions. We envision releasing data under a public domain dedication like Creative Commons Zero (CC0) to maximize its potential uses.


  • Citation Data Availability: We will provide downloadable files containing citation data in machine-readable formats alongside the published articles. These files will be clearly labelled and easily accessible from the article landing page.
  • Metadata Integration: We will integrate citation data into the article metadata deposited with indexing services like CrossRef. This ensures broader discoverability and retrieval of citation information through various platforms.
  • Long-Term Preservation: Citation data will be archived alongside the published articles to ensure long-term accessibility and usability. We partner with reputable digital archiving services for this purpose.

Benefits of Open Citation Data

Open citation data offers numerous benefits for researchers, librarians, and the scholarly community as a whole:

  • Enhanced Citation Analysis: Open data facilitates large-scale analysis of citation patterns, revealing research trends, emerging areas of study, and the scholarly impact of publications.
  • Improved Literature Discovery: Citation data can be used to develop more powerful tools for searching and navigating the vast landscape of scholarly literature.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Open access to citation data promotes transparency in research by making it easier to track the flow of ideas and knowledge dissemination.

Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine believes that open citation data is essential for advancing research communication and knowledge discovery in the scholarly world. By following I4OC principles, we contribute to a more open and accessible research ecosystem.

Further Information

For any questions regarding this policy or accessing citation data for our published articles, please contact our editorial office at

Last updated on 24/06/2024