1. Gaurav Soni

  2. A. Ibeyaima and Potsangbam Kumar Singh

  3. Reena Kulkarni, Sreelakshmi MS, Srilakshmi

  4. Sandhya Kumar, Satish Pai

  5. Bhardwaj Gururaj Vadiraj, Chepattu Mohammed Abdullah Anzar, Molath Varkey Joseph, et. al.

  6. Achyut Prabhakar Jagdale, Pravin Raghunatharo Joshi, Amit Hanmant Shingare

  7. Pankaj Kaushik and Ritu Kaushik

  8. Vineeta Singh and Stuti Sharma

  9. Salim Khamis Said, Abdulla Ibrahim Ali, and Michael Burkart

  10. Garima Yadav and Kanchan Chowdhury

Aims and scope

Welcome to "The Scientific Avenue for Comprehending the Knowledge of Traditional Medicine": A premier open-access and peer-reviewed resource for gaining a deeper understanding of traditional medicine knowledge

Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine (JRTM) is devoted to scientifically comprehending the wealth of traditional medicine knowledge through the publication of evidence-based research papers. Our mission extends to inspiring young health researchers and shedding light on new insights for traditional medicine practitioners.

Currently, JRTM accepts articles within the realms of Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy-Yoga, Siddha, and Unani Medicine, with plans to incorporate additional traditional medicine systems in the future. To thrive in the contemporary era, our commitment lies in publishing high-quality works that enrich the knowledge foundation of traditional medicine. We uphold a standard of only accepting papers that contribute scientific or logical outputs.

News & Announcements

New Issue Published Online Vol 9, Issue 1, Jan - Jun 2023

Dear All, The Journal has successfully published New Issue Online Vol 9, Issue 1, Jan - Jun 2023. Avail free download of articles only on www.tmjournal.org

New Issue Published Online Vol 9, Issue 2, Jul - Dec 2023

Dear All, The Journal has successfully published New Issue Online Vol 9, Issue 2, Jul - Dec 2023. Avail free download of articles only on www.tmjournal.org

About the Journal


Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine (JRTM) is an open access, peer reviewed journal on scientific researches conducted in various traditional systems of medicine practiced worldwide. The Journal aims at providing a common platform for Scholars and Young aspirant scientists in the field of Traditional Medicine, to disseminate and utilize the knowledge of recorded and researched concepts pertaining to the fundamentals of human well being. 

Currently the journal accepts scientific inscriptions on researched concepts which come under the purview mentioned below from the field of Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Yoga, Siddha, and Unani Medicine. 

  • Clinical Research (Including Interdisciplinary works)
  • Survey Study
  • Review Article
  • Monograph
  • Advances in education and teaching methods of traditional medicine
  • Pharmacology Research
  • Pharmaceutical Standardization
  • Pharmacognostical Research
  • Case report / Case Series
  • Short Communication
  • Proceeding report
  • Book review
  • Letter to editor
  • Protocol Publication

The journal also encourages Meta-analysis, systematic reviews and epidemiological survey studies conducted on various disease condition wherein traditional medicine may be helpful.

JRTM aims at producing evidence based articles and research works which are original, new, unique and most discussed topics of the medical fraternity in current period. Quick decision on the status of article is the USP of the journal. The journal has a dedicated team of highly qualified editorial members who work in chorus for timely publication of issues and for improving and updating the quality of journal throughout the year.

For the acceptance to the present rational era the journal is committed to publish quality works which strengthens the knowledge base of traditional medicine. We do not publish papers which does not provide any scientific or logical outputs.

Guidelines for Writing Articles 

1. CARE Checklist for writing Case Reports 

2. CONSORT guidelines for Reporting RCT

3. STROBE Checklist for Cross Sectional Studies